Air Quality Monitor

Are you aware that, “the indoor air in your houses, can be 2 to 10 times, more polluted, than outdoor air?” Pollutants can become more concentrated indoors by the products and devices we use everyday like carpeting and furniture in homes.  Without proper monitoring and remedial actions, these pollutants can pose potential long term health risks.

At FORBIX SEMICON, we felt this problem needs to be addressed and therefore, we came up with an air quality monitoring machine, which can capture, calibrate and indicate the values of temperature, humidity, carbon-dioxide, formaldehyde and  benzene.  This monitor also has the capability to check for L.P.G. gas leakages, in kitchen areas.

Smart indoor air quality monitor system is a very crucial part of any building automation.  Our AQM (Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor) models has temperature, humidity, CO2 monitoring with display capability.  It helps people to protect buildings and rooms from sick building syndrome, by checking ans providing a status of good indoor air quality to the residents.  Apart from monitoring and displaying values on LCD, it has inbuilt wireless  RF transmitter, that can send sensor data to computer.

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