Wireless nurse call system with data logger

Wireless nurse call system with data logger is from our medical automation segment.  The wireless nurse call system is completely autonomous.  The receiver console is similar to our regular nurse console station, with an additional feature of data logging on computer.  The receiver console has a USB cable that needs to be plugged in to a computer system.  The software from FORBIX SEMICON is provided along with that helps in logging the calls, attended calls and local cancellations (made at the console).

The data logger unit can be connected to the computer via USB port.  It captures and logs all the happenings on the nurse station.  Time and date of call and when was it attended etc.  All the information gets stored in date wise files in a specified directory, which can be looked upon or processed later for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly profiling.

The purpose of this system is to enable patients lying on the bed to call a nurse / attendant / doctor for help on just the press of a button.  Once the remote controller button is pressed a signal reaches the nurse console system kept at a distant location (at the nurse counter).  Respective calling party number is displayed along with pre-recorded voice message annunciation to alert.  Once the patient (or calling party) has been attended, pressing the CANCEL button disengages the number from the console receiver.

The wireless nurse call system can serve for long distance of communication anywhere in the building, with the help of repeater unit.  The purpose of the repeater unit is to accept calls from the remote controller and forward it to the console receiver station.  All the communication is wireless and there is no hassle of wiring.


The handy remote controller has 3 buttons:

  1. Top button: To make a CALL / Call a nurse or attendant
  2. Center: Kept empty (optional customized sound like buzzer etc.)
  3. Bottom: To CANCEL a call (patient has been attended)

Operating voltage: 12VDC

Battery type: 23A

Battery life: around 1 year

  • The display window of the receiver console unit 2-digits, 3-digits, 4-digits
  • The calling remote controller number is displayed on the receiver console unit along with a pre-recorded voice message annunciation to alert the nurse / attendant / doctor
  • The voice annunciation can be muted by the nurse (if needed)
  • Once the patient has been attended, pressing the CANCEL button disengages the call from the console unit
  • Multiple calling remote controllers can call the nurse station.  It would systematically rotate the display for the called numbers
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC @ 1.5A (adapter is provided along with the set)
  • Bright big sized display, digits are visible from distance for even 50-60 meters

FORBIX SEMICON nurse call system have in successfully installed and in use in many hospitals and dispensaries. From the logged data call message files post scripting software’s are build around to profile the call messaging on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In the event of a call not getting attended for more than a stipulated amount of time (say 15-20 mins or so), automated emails and SMS can be sent across to designated contacts (as a part of the software).

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