AV Products

Techtrix expertise help you to select communication solution to meet your organizational need.
We perform valuation of requirement, procure, implement converged communications technologies from
single sites to multi-site. We make a difference in a market dominated with sales outfits. This division has
some key differentiators.

Get AV Products With TechTrix

• Conference Rooms / Boardroom                    • Simulator Rooms
• Digital Signage / Point-Of-Sale Display        • Cafeteria
• Hotel Room                                                         • Home Theatre
• Auditoriums                                                        • Training Rooms
• Background Music (BGM).                              • Smart AV Rooms
• High Profile Cabin                                             • Lecture Rooms
• Visitor Experience                                             • Open Air Theatre
• Distance Education Center                              • Place Of Worship
• Public Address System                                      • Outdoor Displays
• Video Conferencing Rooms

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